Cookies & Bars

Making Every Sweet Bite a Cornerstone Moment!

Craving an Authentic Bite?

Ever had those moments when only the most scrumptious cookie or a rich bar can satiate your cravings? We get it. Bakersfield families like yours often yearn for a genuine, homemade flavor without the baking mess or fuss. How about a bite that transports you to pure bliss?

Transforming Your Treat Time

Now imagine a different scene. Your family’s faces lighting up with the first bite of our exceptional cookies and bars. At Cornerstone Bakery, we infuse every item with authentic flavor, giving you the homemade taste minus the effort. What makes us special?

  • Time-Tested Recipes: Each bite is a journey through our bakery’s rich legacy.
  • Quality First: Only the best ingredients for your family.
  • Tailored for Bakersfield: We know what local families cherish, making every treat just right for you.


Our Customers Love Us!

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